Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Drove for the first time in my life today!!

Finally the day has come where I Liching Yew, finally had the chance to get behind the wheel for a car!!

Under the bright sunny day today.. after i had filled my tummy with roasted duck rice, which weirdly enough i like the rice more than the duck.. went for a driving at one of the outdoor car parks on Parramatta road. Although really, i only drove for about 15 mins, but i was taught by my dad, how to actually drive a car.

Going through the various.. what should i call, objects that assist in driving? like the steering wheel, hand brakes, the thing your feet steps on.. etc.. and by golly, there is so many thing to look out for when yr driving!.. i was already struggling, remembering what control does what.. like you shouldn't drive and reverse straight after, but instead stop and look first. But in the end it was quite fun... just me and dad driving round and round the little car park.. LOL.. probably the highlight of the day.

yeah.. 2 hours down... only 118 hours to go.. go me!!

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